Support Services


SEPTA: Go to for direct transportation schedules for bus/train and fare information. Schedules are also available in Student Central, Room 147.

Shuttle: For students living in housing, there is a shuttle available that picks up and drops off at the housing complex and campus. Studens must show their key FOB at the request of the shuttle driver to prove residency. Please stop by Student Central for a current copy of the shuttle schedule.

Carpooling: The Student Services Office will assist students in organizing car pools where possible, however it is the responsibility of the individual student to make arrangements for transportation. It is also customary for students needing a ride to pay an agreed upon amount to reimburse the driver for gas and tolls. Car pool availability is not guaranteed and is based on the willingness of students wishing to participate. If you are interested in participating in the Carpool Assistance Program, please stop by Student Central, Room 147 and sign up!

Cab Services: MontCo Cab Service 215-572-6100


Other Services

Student ID
Student ID cards contain the student's photograph and student status and must be carried at all times while on campus. Cards are issued by Student Services at registration and distributed at New Student Orientation. Lost badges and lanyards will have a replacement cost of five dollars ($5.00). Replacement fee must be made to Student Finance and receipt given to Student Services before a new badge will be issued.

Parking Permit
Parking hang tags for students driving to campus are also available in Student Services. Students must provide the following information before receiving their tag: Make, Model and Color of car, and Licensce Plate Number.

Advisement services concerning academic, professional, and personal matters are provided through the office of Student Services. Students are encouraged to consult the staff about any problems affecting course work, career plans, or personal concerns.

VA Benefits
DeVry University in Fort Washington has received Veteran's Administration approval by the State Approving Agency. If you think you may be eligible to receive Military or Veteran Benefits, please see the designated certifying official in Student Services for information on how to apply for benefits.

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