Student Bulletin

Complimentary eldercare referrals with ASPIRE.
Sometimes being in college can seem like a full-time job. Sure, it's exciting, but it's also lot of work. And when you combine it with a busy personal life and everyday issues like caring for a loved one, you can start feeling pretty stressed out.

That's why we offer ASPIRE -- a special program that gives enrolled students and their family members direct and confidential access to counseling professionals. These professionals can help you stay focused on your goals in challenging times and help keep you on track for success.

With one phone call, you can begin the process of connecting with a qualified counselor who can assist with eldercare matters including:

  • Nursing and home health care
  • Adult daycare and programs
  • Transportation and meal sources
  • Emergency and respite care
  • Companionship programs

ASPIRE also offers a wide range of other services, such as childcare referrals, legal and financial assistance, tools for everyday living, help with personal matters and academic issues, and more.

Get the support you need today. The program is available to you and your family members at no cost.
For more information, call 888-470-1531, email or visit For urgent after-hours help, call 800-932-0034. 

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