Student Government Association

Executive Officers:

President:   Kathryn D. Hill 

Campus Improvements: Tom McQuiston 

Chief Justice:  Logan Moore 

Clubs:   Pending  

Communications:  Anesah Pyatt  

Finance:   Pending

Keller/ Commuter:  Justin Pyfrom 

Records:   Pending  

Residential Affairs:  Trinity Young 

Social Life:  Trinity Young 

Advisor:   Allison Fisk 

This governing body, made up of DeVry students, has been created and exists in order to serve the student body. This Government will serve to settle student issues, and improve the quality of student life on this campus. Any and all issues that arise within this university site and that affect the student body as a whole will be attempted to be resolved by this governing body. We, this government, exist solely to improve upon the condition of the student body as well as to give the students a voice to be heard within the campus.

Meetings held Thursdays during Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7 in Room 115 at 12:30 PM at the Fort Washington Campus location. All students are welcome to attend with ideas, issues, and/or concerns. Advance notice should be given to the President if a student plans to attend the meeting.

We are currently seeking new members to fill the Executive Member positions of VP of Clubs, VP of Finance, and VP of Records. Please see the SGA President or Advisor if you are interested.

The executive officers of this government are in place to act out and enforce the legislation suggested by the General Assembly. They are the representatives for the students of the campus. It is their responsibility and job to ensure that the students' voices are heard and responded to. They are the spokespersons for the student body and are to act upon its requests. The executive officers (with the exception of the president) and the Chief Justice of the student court make up the Executive Committee. This committee will make the decisions involving the campus and the student body. They will draft and pass legislation. As well as give final approval on student activities, club events, the allocation of the student activities fees, and be the final word on any and all student legislative issues. 


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