DeVry Student Activities

President: Trinity Young (

Advisor: Allison Fisk (

The DeVry Student Activities (DSA) was created to help support and promote student activities, the main concentrations being personal student growth, diversity, and teamwork. The organization is the voice of the student body at DeVry University; and acts as a liaison between the students and the administration in an effort to encourage academic excellence, club participation and social awareness. All new and continuing students are strongly encouraged to get involved and participate in the many activities and events that the DSA sponsors each semester.

What is the DeVry Student Activities? The DeVry Student Activities (DSA) is a committee of students concerned with promoting unity and personal growth among the DeVry student body. As representatives, the DSA officers act as a liaison between the students and the administrative personnel, in an effort to encourage academic excellence, club participation and social awareness. The organization is bound by the rules and regulations as outlined in the DeVry Student Activities Handbook.  

The DSA meetings at the Fort Washington Campus location during Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8 in Room 115 at 12:30 PM. All students are welcome and encouraged to join!

Mission of DeVry Student Activities

To provide an organization of students, for students, governed by students
Creating an organization that will allow students the opportunity to voice concerns and suggestions, while allowing an atmosphere conducive to change without penalty.

To promote the principles of unrestricted scholarship and inquiry.
Giving students the means to question their education and its receipt.

To continue to improve the academic and social standards of DeVry University and its students.
Expecting students and personnel of DeVry University to maintain professional and businesslike conduct. Creating events and situations that may improve the students' ability to grow into an asset to the DeVry population as well as the population at large.

To create an environment that encourages social, technical and professional endeavors.
Helping our students to initiate the desire for discovery through special programs.

To promote and support membership and participation in student affairs, organizations, policy and procedure development.
Meeting the immediate and long-term needs of the student organizations there by meeting the needs of all individuals. This may be provided by providing financial, technical, or emotional support.

To recognize and address the technical and non-technical needs of the student population, understand those issues and attempt to supply the supports necessary.
Distinguish areas that could use improvement and institute the necessary balance.

To encourage personal and intellectual growth within the individual, the organization and student population.
Allowing funding, assistance, and direction for specialized programs/events that lend to personal and intellectual education. Create an organization that encourages the students freedom of choice and decision, as well as expression while upholding the highest expectations for achievement, pride, and conduct.

To be a "home" for all student organizations and activities and to promote diversity and successful communication between students and administration and staff.

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