Welcome to the IT Department

If you find that you have a computer class or a circuits class or just about any other class dealing with electronics or computers you will find yourself in one of the many laboratories located here on campus.

Due to the highly technical nature of the programs here at DeVry, the IT resources that have been provided for your computer use are top of the line technology. Forty (two student) stations are set up with a computer linked to an oscilloscope, multimeter, waveform generator and power supply for the electrical engineering students and computer engineering students. Twenty additional computers are set up for the small systems class. These two sets of stations make up the Electronics & Development Laboratory. There are three CIS Lecture \ Labs each consisting of 48 computers, as well as the Telecom Lab and the Networks Lab using computers and networking hardware. And finally there is also a Physics Laboratory that will include equipment for physics experiments as well as 25 computers for modeling and recording results.

Network Account Policy

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