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Available to you from your course shell or the Hub. Click on Tutor Source to get started. This resource offers online tutoring and an option to submit a draft of a paper by review by Smarthinking e-structors.

Accounting Sites:

  • Journal of Accountancy  (An excellent source for finance and accounting topics. Articles about Cost Accounting, Cost Management, Activity Based Costing, Financial Analysis, and more  Excellent material for use in Discussion Threads.)
  • Accounting for Management  (Provides many problems and solutions involving financial and managerial accounting. There are also summaries of terms and examples that will help you to understand the course material better. This site also provides calculators to help determine the break-even point, the contribution margin, and many more calculations.)
  • Accounting Simplified  (Explains financial accounting and offers resources along with accounting puzzles.)
  • Accounting Coach  (Designed to help students, small business owners, and also bookkeepers. Many topics including financial accounting, managerial accounting, and also finance which includes stocks and bonds valuation.)
  • My Accounting Course (Free online accounting textbook for students, teachers, bookkeepers to explain basic accounting principles and concepts. Over 1,000 articles discussing different accounting topics, an accounting dictionary with over 700 terms, and a career section with articles helping students study and pass the CPA exam.)
  • Math Sites:

  • Khan Academy (Math videos and other subject area resources)
  • Purple Math  (Algebra, solving word problems, links to more math resources)
  •  (Sample calculus problems with solutions)
  • Statistics Calculator 
  • Math Testing Assistance:

    Writing and Composition Sites:

    Writing Testing Assistance:

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