Continuing Student Registration

The Registrar's Office coordinates continuing student registration. Continuing Student Registration occurs during the 14th week of classes. Upon removing all deficiencies and signing the schedule of classes, the student will have their ID validated. It is only the student's signature on the schedule which enables DeVry to consider a student officially registered. Students are not eligible to attend class until officially registered. Should any academic or financial deficiency arise, a student's registration may become invalid. Any of the departments listed below may report a deficiency causing cancellation of early continuing student registration:

  • STUDENT FINANCES - Incomplete financial aid paperwork or Overdue payment or full cash student multiple repeats of a course. Students may not enroll in a course more than twice unless approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

  • ACADEMICS - A final grade of F, W, an incomplete, failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress, or registering for a course which the student is not eligible to take.

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