DeVry Philadelphia Metro Faculty


College of Business and Management:

Jocelyn Russell, PhD (Faculty Chair)
Phone: 215-553-7978
E-mail: jrussell1(at)

John Byrne, D.B.A.
Phone: 215-591-5864
E-mail: jbyrne(at)

College of Engineering and Information Sciences:

Suga Suganthan, EdD, P.E., SMIEEE (Faculty Chair)
Phone:  215-591-5826
E-mail:  nsuganthan(at)

Maer Dos Santos. M.S.C.S.
Phone:  215-553-7976 
E-mail:  mdossantos(at)

Warren Shahbazian, M.S.T.M.
Phone: 215-591-5835
E-mail: wshahbazian(at)

Lisa Shui, M.S.E.
Phone: 215-591-5819
E-mail: lshui(at)

William Wagner, Ph.D.
Phone: 215-591-5782
E-mail: wwagner(at)

College of Media Arts and Technology:

Jonathan Agresta, M.Ed.
Phone: 215-591-5867
E-mail: jagresta(at)

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

John Callan, M.S. (Faculty Chair)
Phone: 215-591-5773
E-mail: jcallan(at)

Lisa Benavides, M.S.
Phone: 215-575-7951   
E-mail: lbenavides(at)

Beverly Gordon, Psy.D.
Phone: 215-591-5855
E-mail: begordon(at)

Donna Pulliam, M.S.
Phone: 215-553-7972
E-mail: dpulliam(at)

James Schneider, M.A.
Phone:  215-591-5925
E-mail: jschneider(at)

College of Health Sciences:

Dasantila Sherifi, M.B.A.  (Faculty Chair)
Phone: 215-591-5801
E-mail: dsherifi(at)

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