Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs for DeVry University, Philadelphia Metro is located at the Fort Washington campus. Academic Affairs comprises Faculty Chairs, Faculty (and Faculty Advisors), the Registrar's Office, the Library, and the Academic Success Center. Academic Affairs is responsible for all academic matters of the University: programmatic offerings, academic advising, registrarial/student records, course scheduling and registration, academic support (tutoring), the library, and all academic personnel decisions. Dr. Amelia Maurizio is the dean of Academic Affairs and the chief academic officer of DeVry University, Philadelphia Metro. In this capacity she serves as the steward of all academic affairs. Dean Maurizio can be reached at amaurizio(at) or at 215-591-5755. Dr. Edward J. Carvalho is assistant dean of Academic Affairs and supports Dr. Maurizio in her role. He can be reached at 215-591-5805 or via e-mail at ecarvalho(at)

Faculty Chairs
Our Faculty Chairs and Student Success Advocates (SSAs) are here to provide academic support and guidance to our students. Students can meet with their SSA or Faculty Chair to discuss which program suits their interests.

The College of Engineering and Information Sciences & the College of Media Arts, under the direction of Dr. Suga Suganthan, encompasses programs in electronics, networking, information systems, and multimedia graphics. These programs provide the students with the necessary analytical and problem-solving skills to begin rewarding careers in engineering and multimedia/web design.

The College of Business and Management is directed by Professor Jocelyn RussellThese programs focus on applying technology to business strategy, management and decision-making. Students choose specialized coursework in up to eleven concentrations within their program. Core business courses develop the problem solving, communication, and critical thinking skills essential for survival within today's challenging business world.

Professor John Callan directs the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences & Health Sciences at Fort Washington. Liberal Arts and Science courses offer students the opportunity to explore the fundamental concepts and methods of science, hone their communication (public speaking and writing) skills, develop their math (analytical and problem solving) abilities, and gain perspective on the commonality of the human experience through studies in the social sciences and humanities.

Any student having concerns or questions beyond an instructor's scope may contact his or her Faculty Chair for further assistance.

Student Central

Concentrates on the concerns of first-year students, and with the help of student success advocates ensures incoming students a smooth transition into university life by offering them guidance and familiarizing them with the University's policies and procedures.

Course Formats and Scheduling Options
Evening and Weekend classes are offered in 8 week accelerated and compressed formats Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturdays in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. All accelerated courses have campus-based class meetings, generally meeting one time per week and are enhanced with an on-line component. Compressed courses meet generally twice per week.

Services for Evening and Weekend Students
Evening and weekend students have access to all the services of the campus and can participate in all student activities. The Academic Success Center (ASC), Library, online bookstore, computer labs, Student Services, Registrar, and Student Finance offices all have extended hours to serve your needs.

Academic Success Center

The Mission of The Academic Success Center (ASC) is to create an effective learning atmosphere for all DeVry University students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate course through high-quality individual and group tutoring. In addition, the ASC strives to facilitate student learning by offering support services such as Internet accessible computers equipped with academic software packages, final exam review sessions, a resource library, and a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere where students can study and work.

The ASC is a student-centered learning and enrichment facility that has been established to offer FREE academic assistance. The center's goal is to help ALL students-those who may experience difficulty and those who strive for academic excellence. Our staff is committed to helping you achieve your highest academic potential. Stop by for a visit and remember that appointments are never necessary. More information about the ASC can be found here.


Pam Johnson is our director of Library Services and ASC coordinator. She can be reached at 215-591-5786 or via e-mail at pjohnson4(at)

The Library serves the educational and instructional needs of the DeVry Pennsylvania programs by providing a growing collection of print and electronic resources, PCs, two conference rooms, and other services. A major focus of the Library staff is devoted to developing students' information literacy skills enabling them to identify and utilize a variety of resources in both print and electronic formats. Additionally, we offer interlibrary loan services to provide access to materials owned by other libraries. More information about the library resources can be found here.

Registrar's Office

The Pennsylvania Metro Registrar's Office is located at the Fort Washington campus. The Office of the Registrar provides the following academic and administrative services for undergraduate applicants and students throughout the Pennsylvania Metro:

  • Proficiency Examinations
  • Issuing Diplomas
  • University Withdrawals
  • Scheduling of Courses
  • Recording of Final Grades
  • Management of Classrooms
  • Scheduling of Final Examinations
  • Verification of Student Enrollment
  • Academic Clearance for Graduation
  • Maintenance of Academic History
  • Maintenance of Current Student Records
  • Address Changes

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