Caps and Gowns

All students MUST have a cap, gown and degree colored tassel to participate in the ceremony. Associates and Bachelor's will wear a cap, gown and tassel. Each tassel color reflects your degree and comes with a custom DeVry University tassel drop. Keller students will also wear a hood representing their degree program.

All items can be purchased online by visiting the Jostens website at  Go to "Shop your School" and type in your school (DeVry University or Keller Graduate School of Management) and location to be directed to the correct order page. The size of the gown is determined by your height and weight which you will input during the ordering process.


DeVry/Keller Regalia Packages  RETAIL

DeVry Associate Degree Regalia Package
Includes: Elements CollectionTM CUSTOM EMBROIDERED Associate Gown, Cap, Tassel with Custom Drop

DeVry Bachelor Degree Regalia Package
Includes: Elements CollectionTM CUSTOM EMBROIDERED Bachelor Gown, Cap, Tassel with Custom Drop and Custom Zipper pull
DeVry/Keller Master's Degree Regalia Package
Includes: Elements CollectionTM CUSTOM EMBROIDERED Master's Gown, Masters Hood, Cap, Tassel with Custom drop and Custom Zipper pull   


Individual DeVry/Keller Announcement Items  RETAIL
Basic Package:
(25 PGA, 25 Custom Seal Note Cards, 25 Etiquette Seals, and 0 Return Address Labels
Essential Package:
(Package #1 plus a Certificate of Appreciation w/cover)
Deluxe Package:
(50 PGA, Custom Seal note Cards, Etiquette Seals, and Return Address Labels, COA)
Individual Items/Accessories:  RETAIL
25 PGA (Personalized Announcements)  $41.95
25 Custom Seal Note Cards  $16.85
25 Custom Envelope Seals  $11.95
25 Return Address Labels  $8.95
25 Thank You Notes  $12.95
25 Tissue Inserts  $8.00
Souvenir Tassel with Stacked Year date  $8.00
Certificate of Appreciation with Presentation Cover  $20.95
Certificate of Appreciation (No Cover)  $15.95

Add sales tax where applicable.         

For individual home shipment for frame orders, a S&H charge of $10.00 is included in the above pricing.     

For PGA orders, add $9.95 for shipping and handling charge, for Federal Express add an additional $12.95.

For PGA orders allow 10 days In plant time, PGA orders with accessories allow 7 days.       

For Traditional Announcement orders, allow six weeks (Eight weeks if new dyes are required).


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